Preventive Medicine Every Healthcare Practice Needs

The Meister Law Offices provides criminal law compliance legal services for healthcare providers who write prescriptions for Schedule II painkillers and pain medication. No healthcare practice can afford to risk noncompliance at a time when healthcare practitioners and pharmacists are under unprecedented government suspicion and often incredibly reckless and injurious law enforcement activity. Our firm’s unique “CCC – Comprehensive Compliance Checkup” – is a pioneering approach to this issue, and offers MD’s, DO’s, PA’s and pharmacists the thorough and in-depth analysis their practices need to achieve and maintain compliance with all laws regulating prescription painkillers and pain medication.

If you are a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, physician’s assistant, or a pharmacist, your profession is under federal and state law enforcement scrutiny worse than at any time in decades. This is not because of anything you’ve individually done; it is because the government believes there is an epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse in the United States.

These days the DEA and state and local law enforcement around the nation are raiding doctor’s offices, medical clinics, pharmacies, distribution centers and other healthcare providers’ facilities in search of what is suddenly being called the latest trend in American drug abuse. ┬áDo not let yourself be the next victim. ┬áCall the Meister Law Offices today at 213.293.3737 for a free consultation, or email us at

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