PAINKILLER LAW BLOG: L.A. Doctor Convicted of Murder

Today’s post is a radio interview I did in Los Angeles a few days ago, following the guilty verdict in a murder trial of a Los Angeles-area pain management doctor named Lisa Tseng.  I was not the defense attorney in the case.  A jury found Dr. Tseng guilty of three counts of murder, in the deaths of three patients to whom she prescribed massive amounts of all kinds of narcotics.

The case’s highly unusual facts made it one the District Attorney wanted to try as a murder; in most cases, as I say in the radio interview, homicide charges are not brought against doctors, and murder charges in particular are most often declined by prosecutors, for a number of reasons.

While the Tseng verdict does not mean legitimate doctors should worry about being targeted for no reason, the problem is that many doctors who prescribe controlled substances don’t know the law, don’t know the current science, and don’t follow their state’s prescribing guidelines the way they should. What’s worse, many doctors think they know these things, and how to be and stay compliant – and it’s only when something goes disastrously wrong that they realize they should have been more circumspect in their prescribing, and much more careful in their charting.

I hope you enjoy the post and interview!


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